Condition Report Headings and Terms

It is of paramount importance to us that the client have a clear and honest understanding of the artwork they are considering in terms of authenticity, age, restoration etc.

Following is an explanation of the headings and terms in our reports:

Artist:  When a name is given it means we have full confidence that the work is by the named artist.  This is followed by the nationality or principle city of residence.  The artist's life dates, when known are also given.  Attributed to means there is reason to believe the named artist himself may have been the painter. Studio of  (used primarily in association with Old Masters) means that we are confident that the work originated in the named artist's workshop and was either produced by the artist himself or under his close direction.  School  or School of  means we are confident that the work is from the period and is of the style of the named artist or artist grouping (such as School of Paris or Hudson River School).  After  means we believe the work to be from a later period  in the style of the named artist.  This sometimes applies to copies of a particular known work produced after the artists time.  

         If the author is unknown to us we simply state the period and nationality or area to which we believe the work belongs.

Title:  If a label, inscription, or plaque on the work suggests a title it will be shown here and again under another heading.  If no such evidence exists the title is a complete fabrication of our own.

Size:  The dimensions of the work itself excluding the frame.

Medium/Surface/Period:   This reflects our opinion of the type of paint or other medium used and the material upon which it was applied.  This is usually based on observation and has not been scientifically verified.  If a date is given it reflects evidence shown under other headings in the report. If a range or period is given it reflects our opinion.

Signed:   If the work is signed we will indicate the approximate location and how it is signed including any date, locale, or other information inscribed near the signature.

Labels:   Here we will indicate the presence and location of any attached plaque or applied label and the pertinent information it contains.

Inscriptions:   Here we will note any handwritten notations that may appear on the work itself excluding the scribblings of the framer.


Old Masters, 19th and 20th Century Art