Condition Report Headings and Terms


Condition:  This expresses a summary rating of the current condition of the work as defined by the following terms:

       Good:   This is our lowest rating for a work of art offered.  It generally means that a     painting has had more than 10% of its surface area worked by a conservator or that it has some issue that is problematic.  It is rare that we offer a painting for sale with this rating, but occasionally we might if we feel the work has overwhelmingly redeeming value in spite of its negatives.  Such negatives will always be enumerated and explained.

​        Excellent:   This rating indicates that the work is in what we consider to be a condition desirable for the enjoyment of the work and that there are no issues that diminish its value, and that it has not had restoration, other than cleaning and re-varnishing affecting more than 10% of the surface.  If the work was unframed or framed inappropriately this may have been changed.

        Very Good Estate:In as-found condition with no restoration. This rating indicates that there is no serious damage to the work but that it possibly could be improved by reframing, cleaning etc.

      Excellent Estate:  This is a premium rating indicating that the work has been so well preserved that it needed nothing more than a detergent cleaning and a coat of varnish.  Unless otherwise noted it also appears in its original frame.

       Superior Estate:   Untouched, original in every way including framing.  This also implies that in our opinion it has been extraordinarily well preserved although in the case of older works a buyer may wish to consider cleaning or lining in order to restore it more closely to its original appearance.

Restoration:  This heading details what we know or have determined about the restoration, if any, to the work and whether or not we ordered it or have surmised from examination.  This examination is generally only performed with the naked eye and also under blacklight.  

Frame:  We provide a brief description of the style and materials used and sometimes the period of the frame.  

Provenance:   This heading is included if there are interesting details known about the work's history or previous ownership.

Exhibition:  This heading is included if there is information pertaining to the previous exhibition of the work.

Price:   The price at which we offer the work for sale.

Old Masters, 19th and 20th Century Art