Artist:  Edmund Johann Niemann (British 1813-1976)

Title:  Fishing by the Weir

​Size:  30 3/4" x 23 1/2"

Medium/Surface/Period:  Oil on canvas,  1853

Signed: (lower right) E J NIEMANN . 1853

Labels:   (recto, frame, brass plaque) E. J. NIEMANN


              also (verso, two numbered storage or inventory) 


Condition:  Excellent

Restoration: None performed by this gallery.  There is evidence                    of old restoration to perimeter sky area at top and to                    the right, and two small spots in the trees.  Total                          aprox. 2% of surface.

Frame:  A gilt or bronzed gesso or composition over wood                       shallow cove frame with scrolling floral relief decoration             and protruding medallions at corners and axes.

Provenance:  Newman Galleries, Philadelphia

​Price: $6800 shipping included.

Old Masters, 19th and 20th Century Art

Edmund Johann Niemann - Fishing by the Weir


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