Old Masters, 19th and Twentieth Century Art

San Pacifica International

Mermaid and Dolphin

For nearly 40 years, SPI Gallery artists have created some of the finest solid brass sculptures. Inspired by the beauty of nature, their collections of nautical and wildlife are simply unmatched. All pieces are designed by artists in the SPI Northern California studios, meticulously hand-sculpted and cast in their foundries.

Each piece starts its life as a clay sculpture, and is then cast in brass using the lost wax technique (the same method used in casting fine jewelry) for unparalleled dimensional detail. The sculpture is then meticulously hand finished using the San Pacific International proprietary patina finishes. Their patina artists heat the brass surface with blow torches and apply secret formulations of chemicals that react to the metal using various techniques, one layer at a time. Several coats of hand waxing result in a vibrant, deep, layered finish with complex subtleties that no other finishing method can achieve.