Old Masters, 19th and 20th Century Art

Dora Khayatt

Shallow Waters

      Dora Khayatt was from an ancient Egyptian Coptic family.  She was born in Cairo in 1912 and spent summers as a young girl in Paris where she enjoyed studying the art in the great museums.  She loved drawing as a child but did not take up painting seriously until she was 36.  She began to paint in earnest in 1948 and her work was immediately well received.  She was given an exhibition at the prestigious Redfern Gallery in London the following year where she sold 29 of 30 works exhibited.  In 1952 she was asked back to the Redfern for a repeat exhibition.  In 1956 she was exhibited at the important Durand Ruel Gallery in Paris.

‚Äč     In 1957 she and her husband John Plant moved to Gladwyne, PA and she made her New York debut in 1960 at the Wildenstein Gallery.  In 1968 her paintings filled two galleries in an exhibition at the Museum of Art in Birmingham, AL.

       There is a Visual Arts Award given in her name annually at the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square. PA.   Khayatt died in 1986.